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Aktins Global Brings the Workforce Back to the Office

Bridging the Gap

Atkins Global Client Story

Dealer: Align1 Solutions
Square Feet: 20,834
Employees: 144 

When Atkins Global - a world-leading design, engineering, and project management consultant-began to consider an agile hybrid work environment for its Orlando, FL office, they knew they had to put workplace wellness first. With more than 20,000 square feet and 144 hardworking people to consider, Atkins partnered with HON ad Align1 Solutions to evolve its dark, dated environment to one focused on active movement, enhanced amenities, improved acoustics, and a refined color palette designed to reflect a warm residential feel.


The concept-developed to encourage staff to return to the office-included cost effective, multifunctional solutions designed to keep individuals connected, comfortable, and productive. With intuitive, customizable task seating, thoughtful organization, flexible height adjustable workstations, inviting lounge selections, and more, Atkins Global has made its promise of "designing, delivering, and operating lived environments for all" a sustainable reality for its employees for years to come.

"We wanted to enhance how employees interact with the space and with each other. A variety of different settings allows everyone to perform their best."

-James Michaud
Senior Workplace Design Project Manager,
North America, Atkins Global


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