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5 Tips to Make Your Office More Comfortable

Most of us spend nearly half our time at the office. So why are many offices dreaded, uncomfortable places?

With a few small adjustments, workspace atmosphere and comfort can be greatly improved. Guide yourself to a happier, more enjoyable workday with these five tips.

1: Find the Right Office Furniture

Quality office furniture is a key component to a comfortable workspace. The rise of office ergonomics has led to expanded adjustability and more customizable options. One size fits all furniture is a thing of the past, as modern office furniture offers adjustability to fit the needs of different users and spaces.

Adjustable sit-to-stand desks are a great option for any office. By allowing for easy transition between sitting and standing, you can adjust your position throughout the day. This can reduce repetitive movement strains and the health consequences of spending too much time sitting. In addition, there are now a variety of desks that can be paired with exercise equipment, such as the treadmill or cycle desks, to help incorporate exercise into your workday.

Even with a sit-to-stand adjustable desk, having an ergonomic chair is critical. Nothing affects your personal comfort more than your chair. A good office chair is adjustable, offers support for your arms and back, and has a comfortable seat.

2: Enhance Ergonomics with Office Desk Accessories

Even if your furniture isn’t the perfect fit, it can help to incorporate ergonomic office accessories. Office accessories are designed to take your workspace to the next level, turning that not-quite-perfect office chair into your dream chair.

Laptop stands and adjustable desktop mounts, such as the MX-Arms, provide you with the ability to fully adjust your screen to your individual body, chair, and desk needs. In addition, there are a wide variety of cushioned keyboard pads and ergonomic computer mice that offer all-day comfort while using a computer.

3: Supplementing with Office Desk Lighting

A recent study from the Harvard Business Review showed that natural light and views of the outdoors are two things employees crave most and often don’t have. If you feel gloomy at work on a regular basis throughout your workday, you can do small things to inspire life and lift your comfort and spirit within the workplace.

Start by making sure you have proper desk lighting. The fluorescent ceiling lighting that is commonly used in office spaces does not usually provide adequate light for working. Supplement this with additional desk lighting. Choose something that can either mount or rest on top of your desk, preferably with long lasting, low energy bulbs.

For an extremely customizable lamp that will provide you direct lighting anywhere in your office space, the Pixo Optical LED Table Lamp is a stylish choice helping you finish off your work area while providing quality light. With light stabilizing technology, Taotronics has an LED desk lamp that is gentle on the eyes while still offering a variety of brightness and color options.

If you often feel tired or depressed at work, you may need more natural light. When this isn’t possible, a great option is a light therapy lamp. These are easily kept of a desk and provide light that mimics the outdoors, helping you feel refreshed and energized.

Even though a light therapy lamp can make a world’s difference when it comes to properly seeing your work and keeping your eyes strong and healthy, it is still essential to have some natural light exposure throughout your day as well. If possible, choose to take your breaks, including lunch, outside to allow for a mind and body refresh.

4: Find the Right Temperature

Are you always just a little bit too hot or a little bit too cold at the office? Thermostat wars seem to be a frequent office battle. Alleviate this issue with additional desk heating and cooling systems.

When looking for a personal desk heater, choose something with tip over protection, easily portable, and with a ceramic heating element. Producing less dry, burnt air ceramic elements will keep you breathing better throughout your day. Capturing all three of these, the Mill PTC Ceramic Fan Heater is a popular option due to its sleek, stylish design that doesn’t need to be hidden away.

Size is often a determining factor when choosing a heating or cooling addition for your desk. The ultra-compact Crane Personal Heater packs a punch in its tiny 3lb cube. When it comes to desk fans, remember to look for a quiet option as fans can get noisy. The Vornado Zippi is a fun option if you’re looking to take it with you on the go.

If you are lacking outlet space, USB fans are a common desktop option. With touch control and a seamless, unique design the Aikoper will keep you cool without breaking the bank!

5: Personalize your Office Desk

Often office spaces are all too often bare, sterile places that can be emotionally taxing. This can be partially alleviated with a few personal items such as pictures and plants.

Use caution when adding personal items to your desk; choose things that will add to your area without causing unneeded distractions or clutter. Photos are an easy addition, taking up only small amounts of space and providing you with an enjoyable place to rest your eyes during breaks from screen time. Plants are also a welcome desk addition, serving a dual purpose by providing you with cleaner air, as well as a burst of life and greenery in an otherwise neutral space.


Comfort does not need to be sacrificed, even in a space that is not fully your own. Many aspects of your office can be adjusted, upgraded, and supplemented to provide you with maximum comfort. By creating a workspace where you can feel your most comfortable, you will also find yourself more productive and happier in both work and personal life.

Everett Office Furniture has a great selection of ergonomic furniture that ensure comfort in the office. Not only that, we offer interior design services. If you are looking to create an overall comfortable, stylish office space, our experts are happy to consult with you to find the best layout and furniture for your space. Learn more about what we can do for you. 

Whether you are in the market for the perfect desk chair or are planning a large office remodel, Everett Office Furniture can help you with all your facility needs.