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9 Reasons to Shop at a Local Office Furniture Store

You’ve probably seen ads for amazing deals on office furniture from online shopping centers. However, those deals come with a lot of caveats. You may find that the insanely cheap, standing desk you found online is not quite the quality you were looking for.

Local furniture, on the other hand, offers some serious benefits beyond what you see at first glance. By purchasing local office furniture, you are not only buying better quality but also supporting your community and reducing your impact on the environment.

Here are some serious reasons to consider buying from your local office furniture store.

1. Better Quality

Local office furniture stores often provide better quality because they are not mass-producing furniture. When furniture is made in small batches or produced by hand, it’s easier to catch problems and ensure each piece is the best possible quality.

Local furniture makers are also more likely to prioritize high-quality materials. They will often use locally sourced natural materials and fewer chemicals throughout their production process. The end result is less likely to emit VOCs and other unhealthy chemicals.

While a large national brand may claim to prioritize quality assurance, mass-produced furniture rarely has the quality level of locally-produced furniture.

2. Assurance of What You’re Getting

Local office furniture stores allow you to see their products in person before making a purchasing decision. That means you can experience how different chairs feel, test out the adjustability features, and see how different finishes look in real life.

An online store, on the other hand, can only provide a glimpse from a screen. While images, videos, and size information can tell you a lot, at the end of the day, you don’t really know what you’re getting until it arrives.

If you want to ensure you’re getting high-quality furniture with functional features, durable materials, and attractive finishes, go to a local office furniture store.

3. Logistical Assistance

Before you buy furniture, you should always make sure it’s the right size for your space. However, that’s often easier said than done. Even if you know the measurements of the room you’re furnishing, it can be hard to tell how much space you need between pieces.

Many local office furniture stores provide low-cost assistance with measurements and space planning. With assistance from the experts, you won’t accidentally crowd the room with close-together furniture or leave an awkward amount of open space.

4. A Unique Style

National furniture brands sell the same pieces of furniture all around the country. With mass production and specified models, there are sure to be hundreds of thousands of replicas of any item you buy from one of these stores. There’s a good chance that one day a customer will walk into your office and notice you have the same furniture as someone else they know.

If you really want to differentiate your brand, you will need to avoid having a similar appearance to other brands. Local office furniture stores have more unique furniture that will help you maintain a distinct brand.

5. Better Deals

Local furniture stores sometimes offer much better deals than national furniture brands. For small stores, attracting more customers is a primary concern, and that’s often done by providing furniture at a lower price.

With more accessible owners and often more sales, you may well be able to get better deals from a local office furniture store.

6. Support for the Local Economy

Supporting local businesses helps the local economy thrive. That statement applies to local office furniture stores just as much as it does to other locally-owned businesses.

When you buy local, you are supporting people who contribute to the city and county you live in. A much greater portion of your money goes toward paying local employees and making purchases from other local businesses. Your purchase strengthens the economic base of your community as a whole.

7. A Lower Environmental Impact

Chain stores may be more likely to use less-than-environmentally-friendly methods. Mass production often involves more chemicals, unhealthy materials, and production techniques that produce greenhouse gases.

Local office furniture stores, on the other hand, tend to have less of an impact on the environment. They are more likely to use local materials and safer production methods that do not release greenhouse gases.

In addition, buying local means you can avoid much of the environmental impact associated with shipping.

8. Both New and Used Options

At many local office furniture stores, buyers can choose from both new and gently used items.

In addition, you could potentially get a better deal on any furniture your buy by selling your used furniture. If you have any extra chairs in your office, you could ask about trading it in and save yourself some money — an option you generally won’t have at a larger or online furniture store.

9. Better Customer Service

Small and local stores are more likely to provide high-quality customer service. If you experience any problems with your purchase, a local office furniture store is more likely to fix the problem and effectively help you than a faceless national brand.

Local furniture stores can also assist you with finding the right accessories, such as keyboard trays and monitor arms that fit your desk. While it’s easy to forget about furniture accessories, they make a big difference in functionality.

Locally-Produced Office Furniture in Everett

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