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How to Choose the Right Storage Furniture for Your Office

While choosing the right desk can provide some storage furniture solutions for the office items that you engage with on a daily basis, many times there is a need for additional storage space, in the home and corporate offices alike. Many times, you can find storage solutions that pair with your desk design, for a streamlined aesthetic. However, storage solutions include everything from traditional, under the desk filing cabinets to open shelving. Here are some things to consider when choosing the right storage solutions for your office.

Office Space, Storage Function, and Future Growth

First, assess the square footage and footprint of your office space, to include the furniture that is already in it. This will help you determine if you should pursue storage furniture that sits on the floor, cabinets or shelves that hang from the wall or a mix of both.

Second, consider what type of space you will need for the items that you plan to store. Are you storing heavy office supplies like reams of paper, or lightweight promotional items? Do you need solutions for cable management integrated into your desk storage? This will help determine the size and sturdiness of the storage needed, as well as any specific integrations with your existing office furniture.

Finally, be sure to consider your timeline. Will you need space to expand your office in the near future? This could mean adding a second desk in your home office for your spouse or expanding a corporate office to accommodate more employees. Regardless of your immediate situation, it is always important to think of what your needs might be 6 months, 1 year and 3 years down the road, before choosing to invest and install office storage.

Locking Cabinets for Security or Accessible Shelving

What is the value of the items being stored? For something like computer components or valuable electronics, it may be advantageous to find a storage system that includes a locking feature. Whereas if you are storing office or cleaning supplies, a standard cabinet door should do the trick! Also, consider who has access to the store. Will the cabinets be in a locked room with limited employee access or in a front office with heavy traffic? Answering questions like this will help you determine the level of security needed.

Consider Both Function and Aesthetic of Storage Furniture Solutions

Office design aesthetic is becoming more and more important, in terms of individual and team productivity. If the storage is in a visible area, you should consider the pieces of furniture or desk that already exist in your office and possibly research options that correspond in material or color. However, if the storage solutions are for a back room or technology room, the organizational function is paramount and aesthetic becomes less important.

When considering aesthetic, you should also consider the longevity that you expect from a piece of storage furniture. This will impact your decision making in terms of materials. A wood grain laminate may see more wear and tear over the years than a solid wood.

Accessible Office Storage Verses Backroom Solutions

It is important to consider the frequency of use when determining which storage furniture is best for your office space. If items are used daily, it may be best to store on more shallow, low to medium height cabinets or shelving, for easy access. In contrast, if you are storing things like files or boxes of paperwork, it may be best to use filing cabinets or shelving that accommodates file boxes and is sturdy enough for stacking.

Consult a Local Office Furniture Sales Professional

The first step to finding the right storage for your office space is contacting a local office furniture retailer and they will help you evaluate your space and needs. Once you determine the storage needs of your office space, they will be able to answer any questions you may have, provide product options and even help determine if you can save money by purchasing storage pieces in bulk or even recommending used office furniture that may fit your space.


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