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Benefits of a Height Adjustable Desk

Are you plagued by back pain? Find yourself struggling with poor posture? These, among other joint related ailments, could be due to the 8 plus hours a day that you spend hunched over your desk at work. That being said, standing for 8 plus hours a day can have downfalls, as well. Enter, the height adjustable desk.

The height-adjustable desk has made a big splash on the office furniture scene in recent years and due to demand, have become more mainstream and affordable. Ergonomists and office furniture manufacturers have put in the time and research developing height adjustable desks that not only ease aches and pains at the office but can positively impact your long-term health. Some of the benefits of a sit-stand desk include:

Reduce Back and Joint Pain

By alternating sitting and standing at your desk, you vary the weight put on different joints. This diversification of position and movement can help to relieve stress on joints that could potentially lead to repeat stress injuries. Standing uses more energy than sitting, so in terms of fatigue-related pain, it is important to vary your position throughout the day and alternate between sitting and standing, in a balance that makes sense for your body.

adjustable desk back position

It’s Natural to Move While Working

The human body was made to move. Moving throughout your workday is imperative for spinal health, improves circulation and improves muscle fatigue, according to ErgoExperts. Standing or walking increases blood flow and re-energizes muscles. According to the Cornell University Ergonomics Web, studies show that standing and moving for about 2 minutes every 30 minutes improve levels of comfort, work performance, and reduces the risks of musculoskeletal injuries.

The Body Burns More Calories When Standing

A recent study shows that “by substituting sitting with standing for six hours/day, a 65 kg person (143 pounds) will expend an additional 54 kcal/day.” Although this isn’t an exponential amount of calories burned daily, over the course of a year this equates to 5.5lbs of body fat mass.

Diversifying Your Work Position Leads Better Posture

The adaptability of height adjustable desks is not only beneficial to accommodate workers with different body types but it also individuals to find their most comfortable, neutral posture. Everybody is different and height adjustable desks allow for people to find the perfect combination of sitting and standing throughout their workday. Additionally, in an article by Prevention, Dr. Phillips shares that people are more likely to incorporate movement throughout their day when they are in a standing position, which has added health benefits.

Standing Aids Digestion

An article by Harvard Health shares that standing after eating a meal can help blood sugar return to normal levels more quickly. This, in addition to the increase blood circulation brought on by standing, helps the body process food more efficiently.

Finding a work routine that feels good for your body is imperative, whether that means taking the stairs, going on a walk on your break or using a height adjustable desk to find the most comfortable working position. If your current working situation is uncomfortable, head into your local office furniture store to try out different chair and desk options that can help make your workday more comfortable.


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