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5 Ways Office Feng Shui Can Help Organize Your Workplace

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese science and art that associates the placement of yourself and items in your life with the flow of energy and good health. An office is a great place to implement some office feng shui principles, especially if you are seeking a more productive work environment. So, if you’re interested in harmonizing the energy of your office space or are just seeking tips on organizing, here are some things to consider!

Assess Your Workspace Using Office Feng Shui

Step back and review your space, what is the general feeling it evokes? Some things to consider in this initial assessment are:

  • The size and layout of the office
  • Office furniture- does the furniture fit the space? Do you have enough furniture or too little? Choose what look you are going for and pick your office furniture accordingly.
  • Natural light versus artificial light. Proper lighting in an office is essential to a productive work environment. Lack of proper lighting tends to make you feel lethargic and unproductive.

Ultimately consider, what parts of your current working environment make you feel energized and productive and what areas need to change.


According to the principles of feng shui, clutter can make you feel stuck, which limits productivity. Do a deep clean of your space and throw out any clutter. This includes going through the bottom desk drawers that haven’t seen the light of day in years, file essential paperwork and recycle the rest. If you’re finding a lot of important papers floating around, it’s time to buy a filing cabinet.

Clearing the clutter also applies to your schedule. Plan your week and review your schedule daily, visualizing how your day will pan out. It’s also important to make time to keep yourself organized throughout your work week. This might look like scheduling time to check your emails and clean out your inbox or scheduling your breaks to ensure you take them.

Personalize Your Desk

Feng shui suggests that you consider the material your desk is made out of; it should align with your productivity goals. However, if you are working with a desk provided for you, there are some ways to personalize your space.

  • Glass desks can be perceived as unstable. You can create a more sturdy vibe by adding a desk pad over your main workspace, to cover the glass.
  • Wooden desks are known to evoke creativity. In terms of feng shui, wood carries a more wild, creative energy that doesn’t lend itself to every work environment. If you choose to go with wood, it is suggested that you add a metallic or crystal desk accessory to create a focal point, reining in the energy.
  • Metal desks are considered good for focus, but can also feel cold in an office space. Feng shui suggests adding a plant on your desk, to warm up space.

Regardless of whether you believe feng shui to be a pseudoscience or if you already integrate it into your everyday life, it can impact the interior design and overall aesthetic of your office and can be fun to consider when reorganizing for a more productive workspace.


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