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Where to Buy Used Office Furniture

High quality office furniture is incredibly important for the health and comfort of your team. But what if high quality didn’t have to equal a high price? By working with your local, Everett based office furniture store, you can get the best possible value and find affordable used furniture for your office.

Why is High-Quality Office Furniture Important?

The furniture you use in your office will set the tone for your company for many years to come. High-quality furniture will make your team more comfortable, reduce fatigue and injury, and lead to better productivity. By purchasing the right office furniture, you are able to increase the efficiency of your office, reduce clutter and wasted space, while improving employee satisfaction.

Furniture quality is extremely important, especially for desks and chairs. The average worker will spend 1,700 hours a year at their desk, making it imperative that desks and chairs offer adequate adjustability, allowing everyone to work ergonomically.

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Purchasing high-quality furniture is an investment. While high quality office furniture does have a higher upfront cost, over its life span it will save you money. Quality office furniture provides great support and adjustability, helping everyone maintain ergonomics and comfort, regardless of body type. This leads to happier, more productive employees and fewer workplace injuries. This saved time combined with a longer lifespan compared to cheaper options, makes the investment worth it.

Why Buy Used Office Furniture?

Buying office furniture used allows you to stretch your budget further, and in some cases can provide more value than purchasing new.

While buying new furniture is often easier than buying used, you will pay a premium for convenience. As with most products, new furniture loses considerable value immediately upon purchase. By purchasing used furniture instead, you are able to avoid this value drop and greatly stretch your dollar buying power.

Purchasing used doesn’t mean you are getting worn out furniture or compromising on quality. Office furniture styles and trends can change quickly, and many companies choose to upgrade well before their furniture is worn out and needs replacement. This means you can find used, high-quality office furniture with years of life left for a much better price than purchasing it brand new.

Where to Buy Used Office Furniture in Everett

Everett Office Furniture offers new and used office furniture to meet all your needs. With options for offices of all shapes and sizes, we can help find the right furniture for you.

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No matter if you are looking for furniture for your home workspace, a large office, or anything in between, consider used furniture to greatly increase your value and buying power. In addition to our own stock of used furniture, we can help by locating offices that are liquidating their office furniture and facilitate bulk purchases.

Our Everett showroom has many new and used options to fit your office needs and budget. We offer a full range of new and used options for chairs, desks, and more to furnish offices, conferences rooms, and common areas.



Whether you are in the market for the perfect desk chair or are planning a large office remodel, Everett Office Furniture can help you with all your facility needs.