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Saving Space With Office Storage

Office storage has changed drastically over the past few decades. While paperless options have eliminated some of the demand for rows of filing cabinets, employees may need new ways to store personal items and office supplies in order to keep things running smoothly.

Utilizing space saving storage can make the difference between an efficient office and a disorganized one.

Office Furniture That Multitasks

Some modern offices choose to save space by making double use of their furniture. Many office desks contain drawers and other storage spaces. For example, the Executive Bullet U-Unit includes generous desk storage space without taking up excessive square footage.

panels used in an officeDesk storage accessories are also an option for employees to keep their personal items close at hand. This may include personal hygiene items, extra clothing, snacks, chargers, and papers that would otherwise get scattered.

Open Office and Traditional Office Storage

Technology has changed nearly every aspect of the workplace, including the way employees interact with space. When employees have laptops and cell phones, desktop computers may not be as important, which makes it easier to work with an open office plan.

Many employees still appreciate some degree of space definition in their workplace, however. Shelving units and panels can provide the necessary visual barriers that create privacy and a sense of personal space in any office while providing a useful organizational function.

Regardless of your office layout, storage space can function both as a place to keep necessary items and a boundary allowing workers to keep out distractions.

Storage in the 21st Century Workplace

Employees often have different preferences for how and where they work. Sit/stand desks are an option for employees who find that they Storage in the 21st Century Workplacework better while standing. By adjusting their position throughout the day, office workers can reduce repetitive motion strains and the negative health consequences of sitting for too long.

However, many of these desks do not have as much storage space as traditional desks, meaning you may need to get creative.

Some sit/stand desks, like the Flexus, are built to have a compact footprint. Options like these can save space and provide more room for storage units or accessories.

A growing number of Americans work from home, meaning that space-saving home office equipment is more of a necessity than ever. Look for shelves, cabinets, and hutches built into a setup to save space.

Make It Yours

Office storage doesn’t have to be ugly! It can reflect your company’s priorities and aesthetic. Storage-focused furniture can be used to add texture and color to a room. Woodgrain or solid edges, personalized shapes and sizes, and other details can be customized to create the perfect solution for your office environment.

For example, the Managerial L-Unit desk is available in six different types of wood: cherry, espresso, honey, mahogany, maple, and walnut. The desk includes efficiently-positioned drawers with flared pulls to allow for both ample storage space and style.

Regardless of your business’s priorities, you’ll need storage options that fit your employees’ needs. There are a wide variety of office storage options and furniture with built-in shelf space to suit your company’s requirements and aesthetic. Space saving storage is the key to a more efficient office.


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