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8 Reasons to Replace Your Office Furniture

Has your business put off buying new furniture? Do you think it’s unnecessary or a waste of money?

While office furniture may not be an obvious factor in productivity, it has a surprisingly large impact on employee health, safety, productivity, and morale. Here are eight reasons why you may need to update your office furniture ASAP.

1. You’re Worried About Office Injuries

While an office job may seem relatively safe from injury, it’s quite common for office workers to experience unique health risks.

back pain at working placeCTS, a common and progressive condition that causes hand pain, stems from repetitive and awkward hand motions like typing on poorly positioned keyboards. Eye strain, also known as Computer Vision Syndrome, is often caused by staring at computer screens for too long and may result in temporary vision loss.

Both of these risks can be mitigated with the right furniture. A pull-out tray for the computer keyboard and a chair with adjustable height can help employees adjust their workstation for their height and body shape, which lowers the risk of CTS. That office chair can also help protect against eye strain by bringing an employee’s eyes to the optimal height for their screen.

Older or worn out furniture rarely provides adequate support to avoid these types of injuries.

2. Your Employees Have Back Pain

If some of your employees are experiencing back pain, it’s probably time to upgrade your chairs. According to the American Chiropractic Association (ACA), back pain is the leading cause of disability worldwide, and half of all working Americans report having experienced back pain symptoms each year.

An office chair with lumbar support may reduce strain on the back and protect against common injuries. A well-designed desk may also protect against these injuries.

3. The Current Furniture Doesn’t Fit Your Office’s Productivity Style

If your team is having trouble concentrating at the office, you may need furniture with higher walls or barriers that allows more privacy and individualized workspaces. Similarly, your organization may need a more open office plan to converse freely and naturally as employees collaborate on projects.

It’s important to consider employees’ needs and the nature of the work. Ask your employees whether they need more privacy or more access to their coworkers.

4. It’s Falling Apart

Furniture doesn’t last forever. Over time, it will break, become less functional, or become severely worn. When your office furniture has degraded to the point that it can no longer be maintained, it’s time to switch to newer furniture.

It is also important to make sure your furniture can be safely used by your employees. With too much wear and tear, you run the risk of having furniture break unexpectedly, which can be unsafe for those who use it. While new furniture can be expensive, injuries resulting in downtime will cost even more.

5. It Was Low-quality to Begin With

Does your office have cheap, poorly-made furniture? If so, you may want to replace it sooner rather than later.

Pieces made of cheap particle board, for example, may fall apart and break. Higher quality furniture made of solid wood or similar materials may last for many years.

6. It’s Outdated

Companies with outdated office furniture often come across as inattentive to their workers’ needs. If your office looks like it was imported from the 1990s or earlier, visitors and employees may assume your company uses similarly outdated tactics to run operations.

By upgrading to modern office furniture, you can present your company as a modern leader. Sit-stand desks, highly adjustable chairs, and similar innovations send the message that your company cares about its employees and their comfort.

office furniture with separator walls7. It Doesn’t Create the Look You’re Going For

Does your company want to reinvent its image? If so, new furniture will go a long way. Office furniture shapes the way your company appears to outsiders and workers alike. Companies like Google and Microsoft design their offices with colors and clean lines that are on-brand, which boosts morale.

A mix of different styles may create a messy-looking and unproductive environment. If your office has a mismatch of furniture styles, consider investing in furniture that follows a central theme to achieve an attractive and functional workspace.

8. It Doesn’t Work with Technology

Older office desks often lack cutouts and tunnels for cables, which may force workers to run their cables over the furniture. This will create a messier workspace, which can hinder productivity and potentially create a fire hazard.

Since an average office desk station has at least 10 cables, it’s important to consider technology when choosing furniture. Workers will appreciate the convenience, lack of clutter, and more streamlined appearance of tech-friendly office furniture.

If any of these eight points resonate with you, it’s time to replace your office furniture with something that better meets your company’s needs. There’s no time to waste when it comes to the health and productivity of your employees.

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