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Modern Office Trends and How They Affect Your Office Furniture

Like any part of life, the office is constantly changing. As needs change, designers are on the lookout for ways to better meet these changing needs with modern office furniture. 

In recent years, you may have watched the rise (or fall) of the open office layout as companies try to balance collaboration with privacy. Designers are seeing a trend toward adaptability and privacy in modern office furniture, especially in offices that used to be completely open. 

Here are a few modern office furniture trends that can help you improve quality of life in the office.

Adaptable Office Furniture for an Adaptable Space

One of the biggest modern office furniture trends in 2019 is adaptability. Companies are constantly changing how they work, and as they do, their layout needs to maintain flexibility. It helps if you think ahead to ensure walls, partitions, and furniture are rearrangeable.

As workflows and staff change, it is important to be ready to adjust your furniture to match. Great ways to maintain a flexible office include:

  • Open office arrangements with reconfigurable frame and tile solutions. 
  • Modern office tables with flip tops that can be quickly set up for meetings and nested together for compact storage.

Think about how your office workstyle changes from year to year. Do new employees prefer a different working style? Are the types of projects you take on changing? If so, your company would likely benefit from more adaptable modern office furniture.

Sound Dampening and Other Privacy Furniture Solutions

office furniture with Prefix systemEven employees who love open offices often feel concerned about audio privacy. Without partitions, there is little to block loud conversations or distracting noises, which makes it difficult for some employees to concentrate or even retain a sense of privacy. You may not want the entire office to be listening in on all your calls, and your coworkers probably don’t want to hear all of it either.

Some companies are looking into sound-dampening modern office furniture materials like acoustic foam, felt, carpet, or drapery. Others are building private call rooms for individual employees to book and use when needed.

Consider how modern office furniture could help you dampen sound. Maybe you could add adjustable noise-blocking panels or create a new room that employees can use for calls. Many businesses function best in the happy medium between open and traditionally private offices.

Reimagining Reception Areas with Modern Furniture

In 2019, many companies are realizing they don’t need a front-desk receptionist. You may not have enough guests to warrant a staffed reception area, or you may choose to use technology to direct guests.

Consider how you could make your current reception space more functional for employees. By replacing a large reception area with meeting areas, call rooms, or space for additional modern office desks you can maximize your space and expand.  

Maybe you aren’t quite ready to give up a reception area or feel it’s too important for your clients’ experience. Consider other ways you might make a reception area more functional for your business. You could de-formalize it with comfortable but modern reception furniture to make it a more relaxing and collaborative environment. 

Office Furniture Ergonomics

Ergonomic modern office furniture is essential if you want to avoid employee discomfort and workplace injury. Most non-adjustable office furniture is designed for workers who are 5’8” to 5’10” with average proportions, leaving employees who don’t fit the mold uncomfortable and at risk of workplace injury. You don’t want your employees to get tendinitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, or vision problems.

Adjustable desks in an officeAs a minimum, look for modern office chairs with an adjustable height. Employees with shorter or longer legs should all be able to keep their feet comfortably on the floor. Click here to learn more about how to pick the perfect chair. 

Adjustable desks, especially sit-stand desks and tables, are an increasingly popular modern office furniture option. It’s difficult for many employees to sit for 8 hours a day, and some employees experience back, leg, or foot pain. Research shows that a sit-stand desk improves physical and psychological health while increasing productivity.

You can also supplement furniture with ergonomic accessories, like lumbar support pillows or adjustable footrests. Laptop stands or monitor arms can raise screens to be in line with eyesight. Seat cushions are a great way to reduce pain and leg numbness.

Modern office furniture is not all about appearance or flashiness. With these growing trends, you can improve health, privacy, and adaptability in the office.

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