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How to Create a Great Reception Area

Your reception area is the first place clients or patients will see when they visit. Waiting rooms and lobbies are not just a place to stay while waiting for a meeting to start; they are your first opportunity to make a memorable real-life impression.
However, different reception area furniture and accents can create distinctly different feelings. Before you can create the perfect reception area, you need to decide what impression you want to create.

What Style Should Your Reception Area Be?

Elite Corporate Reception

Brands that cater to big-spender clients will want to convey the impression that visitors are treated as elites. However, creating a look of corporate luxury does not require gilded gold frames and portraits.

Ideally, an elite corporate reception area should include high-quality materials and impressive but tasteful accents. Marble walls, mahogany chairs, and similar investment furniture will send a clear message to your clients. To create a stronger impression, add some dramatic light fixtures and remove any clutter to ensure your space feels spacious.

Modern Reception Seating

If you prioritize making your company come across as forward-thinking and on-trend, you should strongly consider a modern style reception area. Tech startups and creative companies will particularly benefit from this approach.

Modern style is all about simplicity with minimalist designs, large windows that let in natural light, and bold pops of color. For accents, you may want to choose inspiring slogans or fun features like a bar or athletic area. Unexpected shapes and colors will help your office seem more creative.

Patient Reception Area

A patient reception area should never be uncomfortable or colorless, despite the stereotype of an all-white hospital. Your goal is to make patients feel calm as they wait for their appointment.

Ideally, healthcare reception areas should incorporate soft but visually stimulating colors and patterns. This point is especially important if some of the patients are kids. If you have the budget, add a living wall or water fountains to create an even more calming effect.

Don’t forget to add small luxuries like complementary coffee or massage chairs. Sometimes these little details make all the difference.

How Much Furniture Should Be In Your Reception Area?

Every reception area needs a welcoming entrance. In most cases, you will want a reception desk with an ergonomic office chair for your receptionist. There should also be comfortable seating for guests.

Ideally, there should be 20 square feet per person or chair if all of the seating consists of small chairs. You may want to increase this ratio if you are including larger chairs or a snack area. Even if you only expect to have one person waiting at a time, you should still include at least four chairs (80 square feet) to ensure the space doesn’t feel isolating.

Elite corporate reception areas may work better with fewer pieces of furniture and more airy space. To create that impression of expansiveness and grandeur, choose a few high-quality pieces to add to a large reception area, preferably with prominent windows and tall ceilings.

Reception Furniture in Snohomish County

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