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What Differentiates High-End Office Chairs?

It’s amazing how wide of a range there is in office furniture pricing. After seeing the price tag on a luxurious, highly adjustable office chair, you may be wondering if you would do better to just buy everything from an outlet store or online discount marketplace.

But before you go running off to the discount store, take a moment to consider the benefits of high-end office chairs.

While you may be paying more up front, you will get more value back over time in the form of improved ergonomics, productivity, and lasting materials. That’s why one of our most important office chair tips is to choose a high-end chair, regardless of whether you are buying new or repurposed.

Here are just a few ways high-end office chairs will benefit you:

Better Ergonomics

Ergonomics are important for staying comfortable and preventing strain. While you may be able to get by with a poor-quality chair for a time, a high-end chair with support and adjustability will help you avoid low back pain, tight hip flexors, and sciatica in the long term.

To get the best ergonomics, look for a chair with multiple adjustment options. For example, the Metropolitan Series office chair allows you to adjust the seat height, arm height and width, tilt, and more to ensure your chair is just right for your body.

More Productivity

Did you know that ergonomics improves productivity? It’s true: one study found that workers who had ergonomic improvements made to their workplace were 8.33% more productive on average than workers who did not.
Given that office chairs are a key part of your workplace ergonomics, it seems clear that investing in a high-end, ergonomically adjustable office chair will pay off in long-term productivity.

Stylish Aesthetics

While you might not think that office aesthetics have an impact on your work, your interior design really does matter. You and anyone else you may be working with spend a lot of time in your workspace, and you will feel happier in a space that is pleasant to look at.

What’s more, your workspace impacts how clients and prospective talent view your company. An eye-catching, quality design will help you make a good first impression.

A stylish office chair is just one part of a good workplace design. We also recommend choosing minimalist decor, hidden storage, and layered lighting options, especially when you are designing a home office.

An Office Chair That Lasts

The best quality office chairs last the test of time. Rather than saving on cheap furniture that will collapse or sag after a year or two, you may want to splurge on high-end options that you will not have to replace for decades.

An important part of making your furniture last is choosing the right office chair materials. Leather, synthetic leather, plastic, wood, and high quality vinyl or mesh can all last quite a long time.

If you are looking for high-end office furniture in Western Washington, consider choosing Everett Office Furniture for your purchase. We offer a wide variety of chairs for traditional and home offices to suit every style and ergonomic need. Contact us today to get assistance in finding the perfect office chair solution.


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