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The Top 5 Office Furniture Dealers Near Everett

So you’re thinking about buying office furniture, but you’re not sure where to look. There are numerous stores selling office furniture near Everett, so how do you know which one to pick?

The best office furniture dealer for you depends on the type of furniture, level of service, and price range you are looking for.

Sustainability and High-End Design: Humanscale Seattle

Humanscale is a high end furniture supplier with a focus on sustainability and ergonomics. With a design studio based in New York City, collaborations with legendary ergonomic designer Niels Diffrient, and innovations featured in museums such as the Museum of Modern Art, this brand’s philosophy is that good design achieves more with less.

The designers carefully consider materials and resources used as they aim to create an overall Net Positive impact. If you are looking for sustainably-built, modern, and highly ergonomic office furniture, this is a brand worth considering.

Office Furniture on a Budget: Costless Warehouse Furniture

If your main goal is to make your wallet happy, you may want to check out Costless Warehouse Furniture in Marysville or Lynnwood. This furniture seller is focused on home furniture, but can also provide relatively inexpensive options for your home office.

While you may not get the same level of service as you would from a full-service furniture dealer, Costless does provide free shipping. There is also a guaranteed 3-day return policy.

Tailored Interior Services: Workpointe

Workpointe in Seattle offers a range of commercial interior services. In addition to office furniture, this company can help you with project management, space planning, storage, installation, and inventory.

Workpointe may be a good option if you care deeply about interior design and are looking for complete service.

Secondhand Furniture for a Cause: RENEW Home & Decor.

RENEW Home & Decor is a secondhand furniture dealer with a mission. This unique seller in Everett provides paid internships to people who were previously homeless, helping them gain job skills. 

You will find a unique selection of donated and consigned furniture at RENEW, including both home and office furnishings. If your goal is to make a difference in your community with your furniture purchase, this may be your store.

All-Around Best Office Furniture: Everett Office Furniture

Everett Office Furniture is a full-service furniture dealer specializing in high-quality new and repurposed office furniture. As a customer, you will get access to an in-house design team who can provide customized consultations, computer space planning, and ergonomic evaluations. Furniture delivery and installation are provided by a trained installation team.

With a broad selection of modern office chairs, desks, tables, reception furniture, panels, and ergonomic accessories, you will find everything you need at Everett Office Furniture. The company also supplies Gavco Sanitation Stands to assist with your needs during the pandemic.

Wherever you end up making your next office furniture purchase, we wish your company all the best! Be sure to check out our furniture gallery.


Whether you are in the market for the perfect desk chair or are planning a large office remodel, Everett Office Furniture can help you with all your facility needs.