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How to Support Local Businesses During Your Remodel

Buying local doesn’t have to end with restaurants and groceries. You can make choices that support the local economy nearly every time you make a purchase. If you have a home remodel or office renovation coming up, there are plenty of ways you can help nearby office furniture businesses, craftspeople, and contractors who help make your community unique.

Here are some ways to support your local community during your remodeling project:

Find a Local Contractor to Do the Construction Work

One way to support local businesses is to choose a locally-based contractor to do the actual renovation or construction work during your remodel. This step is usually a given for home remodels, but it may not be if you are remodeling an office, hospital, or educational space.

Many large construction companies have multiple locations that are far away from their headquarters. If you hire one of these companies for your services, it’s quite possible most of your money will not stay in your community. To support your local economy, work with a firm that is based in your area.

Call a Nearby Service Company for Post-Remodel Cleaning

Cleaning the remodeling dust out of the air and sanitizing your new space is another opportunity to support a local company. Rather than choosing a large corporation headquartered in a faraway corner of Florida or Texas to do the job, why not hire a local business?

Buy Your Office Furniture From a Nearby Company

International warehouse companies, department stores, and giant online marketplaces are not the only places you can buy furniture. Home and office remodelers alike would do well to check out local furniture stores, which can offer superior customer service and quality.

As a bonus, choosing a local furniture company means you’re reducing your carbon footprint. Buying from a local supplier means there is less long-distance shipping involved.

Sell Old Office Furniture to Local Organizations

Many homeowners and office managers choose to do a full refresh during a remodel and get rid of old furnishings. Your newly renovated space might not feel very different if you are surrounded by the same old furniture in decor. Remodeling is a chance to make your space better, and revamping your furnishings can help.

If your existing furniture is gently used, you may be able to sell it to a local furniture business. That adds a bit to your budget and also helps support the business.

Personalize Your Space With Locally-Made Decorations

It’s important not to forget about decorations when you are updating your home or office. At home, decor allows you to make your space feel like your own. At work, office decorations are often used to help with branding, and they can make the work environment feel more inviting or exciting.

You can support local businesses during your redecorating process by purchasing decorations from local craftsmen, mapmakers, and small businesses. Maybe you can decorate your wall with a stylized map of your city or a painting by a local artist.

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