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2021 Office Chair Trends

For many employees in common workspaces today, the office chair they use can make or break how comfortable and productive they are during their workday. Keeping employee ergonomic needs, office style, and overall function in mind, there are countless office chair options available to make your office more enjoyable for your employees. Here are five top office chair trends to keep your workspace ahead of the curve.

Traditional Office Chair

If you’re seeking a classic look and dense cushion, a traditional-style office chair can be a useful addition to your workspace. Traditional office chairs often have a tufted or faux-leather exterior and are a functional choice that can work well for the various needs of your company’s employees.

Standing Desk Swivel Stool

Sit/stand workstations have gained popularity in recent years because they come with many ergonomic benefits for employees. With many medical professionals calling sitting “the new smoking,” many companies are looking for ways to give their employees more opportunities to stand throughout the day. If you offer sit/stand workstations to your employees, consider pairing with a high-rise stool that can be used when the desk is at a higher height. Sit/stand workstations are going to keep trending in 2019.

Kneeling Ergonomic Chairs

While many people in the workforce are choosing standing desk options, they are not the right choice for everyone. If you have employees who need ergonomic considerations but would not be served by a standing workstation, consider investing in an ergonomic kneeling chair. These chairs are designed to relieve pressure from the low back and keep employees in a comfortable, supported position.

Lumbar Support Chair

Low back pain is the most common ailment among working adults. If this is a concern for employees in your workspace, consider offering seating options that provide additional back support. Chairs that provide lumbar back support help keep the ears, pelvis, and shoulders in alignment to help prevent musculoskeletal injuries and are designed to maintain the natural curve of the spine while occupied, keeping your employee’s backs comfortable throughout the workday and beyond. Everett Office Furniture offers a variety of ergonomic seating options. Work with our team of experts to determine which options are best for your workspace.


Whether you are in the market for the perfect desk chair or are planning a large office remodel, Everett Office Furniture can help you with all your facility needs.