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Schools and Government Agencies

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Supporting a 21st century approach to learning means driving more meaningful connections for students and encouraging collaborative interactions. With a well-rounded portfolio of durable products designed to inspire and engage, HON seamlessly delivers spaces that help students, faculty, and administrators achieve their full potential.

Furniture Solutions for Your Success

Innovative, high-quality furniture is essential for the operation of public agencies and educational institutions. Having the ability to purchase exactly what you need quickly and efficiently is imperative to ensuring your organization runs smoothly. When you have a furniture need, this is your opportunity for streamlined access to top of the line products and solutions faster and at the best value.

OMNIA Partners offers the most robust portfolio of high-quality cooperative contracts in the public procurement space. State Government, Local Government, Higher Education, K-12 Education, and Non-Profit can participate this program to save money.

You're just one click away from industry leading cooperative furniture solutions.

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Schools and Government Agencies

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