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FireKing High Security

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25" Deep Vertical File Cabinet - 2 or 4 Drawers - 11 Colors

Secure, Durable, and Peace of Mind: The FireKing High-Security 25" Deep Vertical File

Safeguard your most valuable documents and assets with the unparalleled protection of the FireKing High-Security 25" Deep Vertical File. Engineered for those who demand the highest level of security, this vertical file combines cutting-edge features and robust construction to offer complete peace of mind against fire, impact, or explosion threats.

Unmatched Fireproof Insulation Our file cabinets are fortified with 100% gypsum insulation, meticulously reinforced by a 1” by 2” lattice of 14-gauge galvanized welded steel wire, ensuring your contents are protected even under the most extreme conditions. This formidable barrier offers supreme defense, securing your assets from the unforeseen.

Innovative Field Replaceable Steel Panels Accidents happen, but with our field-replaceable steel panels, your investment is never in vain. Easily substitute any panel that sustains damage, ensuring your file cabinet remains in pristine condition and fully functional without the need for complete replacement.

Scratch-Resistant Electrostatic Powder Coating Embrace a lifetime of quality appearance with our environmentally friendly, scratch-resistant electrostatic powder coating. Applied meticulously to all sides, including the bottom, this finish is available in a spectrum of standard colors such as parchment, tan, taupe, and more, allowing seamless integration into any office decor.

Efficiency and Security Combined Our drawer bodies are ingeniously designed with high sides for seamless use with hanging folders, eliminating the need for additional frames. Coupled with maintenance-free drawer suspensions, UL®-listed Medeco high-security key locks, and insulated, water-resistant design, each drawer functions as a separate, secure container.

Ultimate Certification and Warranty Each file cabinet carries the prestigious Underwriters Laboratories® (UL®) 1-Hour Class 350 Fire with Impact Rating, demonstrating resilience through rigorous testing, including exposure to extreme heat, explosion tests, and impact integrity assessments. Moreover, FireKing's Limited Lifetime Warranty covers all mechanical or operable parts, ensuring your satisfaction and security for years to come.

Optional Upgrades for Customization Personalize your FireKing file cabinet with optional upgrades to enhance appearance or functionality. From custom color finishes to interior options such as trays and inner drawers, tailor your cabinet to meet your specific needs.

Choose FireKing for Unrivaled Protection With the FireKing High-Security 25" Deep Vertical File, you're not just purchasing a file cabinet; you're investing in peace of mind. Protect your documents and valuables from fire, impact, and water damage, all while enjoying a lifetime of durability and aesthetic appeal. Trust FireKing to secure what matters most.

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FireKing High Security

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