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FireKing 90-Minute Fire & Water-Resistant Safe

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Experience Unmatched Security with FireKing 90 Minute Fire & Water-Resistant Safe: The Real Deal in Protection

Introducing the FireKing 90 Minute Fire & Water-Resistant Safe – the epitome of security and durability for those who accept nothing less than the best. Built with the integrity of your most precious valuables in mind, this safe is a fortress against the unforeseen, ensuring your peace of mind in any scenario.

Designed for Superior Protection

No Plastic, All Heavy Steel Construction: Crafted exclusively with heavy steel, this safe is built to withstand attempts at breach, ensuring that your valuables remain untouchable and intact.

Steel Bolt Work: The robust steel bolt work mechanism stands guard, adding an extra layer of security to deter and defend against unauthorized access.

Powder Coat Finish: Not only tough but also sleek, the powder coat finish provides a durable barrier against corrosion and damage, ensuring your safe remains in pristine condition over the years.

Lockout Mode: Security is further enhanced with a smart feature that activates lockout mode after three incorrect attempts, thwarting any further unauthorized access attempts.

Fire Rated: In the face of disaster, rest assured knowing that your safe is fire rated to withstand extreme temperatures, protecting your valuables from fire damage for up to 90 minutes.

Water Resistant: Designed to stand up against water damage, this safe ensures that your documents, digital media, and other valuables remain dry and intact, even in the event of flooding or exposure to water.

Trust and Reliability Guaranteed

Manufacturer's Limited One-Year Warranty: FireKing stands behind the quality and reliability of their safes, offering a limited one-year warranty for added assurance and confidence in your investment.

Free After Fire Replacement: In the extraordinary event that your safe is damaged in a fire, FireKing pledges to replace it free of charge, solidifying their commitment to your long-term security.

The FireKing 90 Minute Fire & Water-Resistant Safe is not just a safe; it's a statement of unparalleled commitment to the protection of your irreplaceable items and important documents. Trust in FireKing to provide the real deal in safeguarding your valuables, with security features that set the standard in protection. Secure your peace of mind today with FireKing.

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FireKing 90-Minute Fire & Water-Resistant Safe

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