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Flyp Screens Privacy & Comfort

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A Modern Way To Help Employees Concentrate
Our new Flyp screens are a contemporary and easy to install solution that help define employee space and reduce workplace distractions. Designed to promote privacy whether retrofitting existing furniture or purchasing new, Flyp is a solid addition to any workspace.

One, Two, Three
Friant Flyp Screens come one piece at a time to give you maximum flexibility when finishing your space. Cover one side of a desk or all three, depending on what your space and needs demand.

High-Quality Material
Flyp Screens are made of a pressure densified eco-felt. This recycled PET material resembles felt to the touch but delivers impressive rigidity making it wear-resistant and extremely durable. A thick vertical striping adds a subtle variation to the material and helps elevate the simple design.

Easy To Install
Extend below the work surface to provide modesty or above the work surface to promote focus. Flyp Screens are easy to blend with your existing furniture or pair with many of the Fríant compatible products.

Features & Benefits
Screens sold individually
Includes: (2) supporting brackets per screen
Mounts to the underside of any laminate/veneer worksurface
Screens can extend above or below worksurface
Screen color is Sesame Black only
Mounting hardware is Cool Grey

Dimensions & More
3 widths available – 46, 58, 70
Side Panel widths – 23.5”
1 height Available– 22” Extends up 16″
1 color PET
1 color paint

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Flyp Screens Privacy & Comfort

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