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Friant: Power-Grommet

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#FPWR.0508 & #FPWR.0608
Mounted for a discreet appearance
USB, Ethernet, and plug outlets easy to reach
Includes 8’ coiled power cord
Optional 10’ coiled power cord
Above worksurface: 2 CAT6 data ports (out), 2 power outlets and 2 USB ports
Below worksurface: 2 CAT6 data ports (in) and Daisy Chain ports (in/out). For 5x8, 1 power outlet and for 6x8, 2 power outlets.
Available in Brushed Aluminum, Brushed Charcoal and Cloud White
W: 8” D: 5”, 6”

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Friant: Power-Grommet

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