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TechWorks Typical 9

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Model # TWTYP9

List Price $26,640

TechWorks Typical #9 features two 60x30 height adjustable workbenches with ESD laminate worksurfaces and ESD accessories. The upper organizer frames include two 30"W lockable storage bins and 30"W fabric panels on each frame. Each workbench includes a freestanding box/file pedestal with black faux leather cushion. A 60x30 height adjustable table with ESD laminate worksurfaces provides addition work space. This typical helps create layouts where teams can easily come together to share resources and ideas to help fast-track results.

  • 60x30" adjustable height benches with upper organizer frames
  • 60x30 adjustable height table
  • ESD laminate worksurfaces
  • Four 30"W lockable storage bins
  • Two 30"W Fabric panels
  • Two freestanding box/file pedestals
  • Two black faux leather cushions, Velcro attachment
  • ESD grounding bar, grounding jack, and wrist strap
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TechWorks Typical 9

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