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Accelerator Active Learning Centers Micro Width Shelves

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The Alumni Accelerator Storage with Shelves provide an alternative storage solution to built-in units which enables teachers to configure their classrooms to meet the needs of their students. The shelves are adjustable allowing storage room for supplies and learning tools of varying sizes.

  • Formed steel construction with the use of machine screw fasteners for the attachment of the panels
  • Easy to Configure Adjustable Shelves
  • 100% Polyester Premium Metallic Powder Coat Finish (For Shelves, Top, Back, and Base Panels)
  • 100% Polyester Premium Powder Coat Finish (For Side Panels)
 UPC  Size  Weight
 SAALC-MWTH-3SH  19”x21”x61.4”  81
 SAALC-MWMH-2SH  19”x21”x43.3”  63
 SAALC-MWLH-1SH  19”x21”x30.4”  49
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Accelerator Active Learning Centers Micro Width Shelves

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