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Plastic Folding Table

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The Alumni Lite ABS Plastic Impact Resistant   Folding Table is built to withstand up to 2,000 lbs. of equally distributed   weight. Rigid core material with heavy gauge steel frame. Injection molded   ABS corners are designed to absorb a 12-inch height drop without causing   structural damage. Replaceable rubber stacking bumpers keep tables from   sliding and protects the table surface when stacked.

 UPC  Size  Weight
 T-AL-RD60-FX30  RD60  47
 T-AL-RD72-FX30  RD72  56
 T-AL-3060-FX30  3060  41
 T-AL-3072-FX30  3072  48
 T-AL-3096-FX30  3096  53
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Plastic Folding Table

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