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A calming influence for healthcare environments.

Healthcare facilities are more dynamic than ever, and vital to both the short-and-long term healing process. As a result, healthcare providers recognize the need to enhance comfort, safety and control for both patients and guests. Desgined specifically for healthcare environments, the Soothe collection maximizes comfort in reception and waiting areas, exam rooms, multi-purpose environments and patiend suites.

Bring a higher level of functionality throughout your healthcare facility, while elevating the aesthetic with a virtually unlimited combination of seating fabrics. Wipeout spaces in the seat back make cleaning easier than ever, while the sturdy chair legs and rounded table corners create a safe, stable environment. The patient chair provides a responsive back design that gently rocks back and forth, and the bariatric chair supports patients up to 750 pounds. Every detail of Soothe was designed to create an inviting, relaxing healthcare environment.

Supporting caregivers is equally as important as comforting patients, and Soothe is loaded with standard features that enhance the overall treatment experience. Every detail of the chairs, tables and benches were diligently researched and designed to maximize a patient’s comfort and a caregiver’s control. Caregivers benefit from the easily cleanable surfaces and adaptable layouts, while the padded seats provide comfort to patients for any length of wait. With a variety of options for sizes, styles and arrangements, the functionality of the entire collection allows caregivers to keep their focus on treating the patient

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Hon-Soothe Healthcare

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