Round Multipurpose Table

Attractive and durable laminate tops with PVC DuraEdge detail, six top colors, three top sizes, three metal bases sizes and two base finishes to choose from make these round multipurpose tables perfect for any application.

Tops Available In:
#PLT36R 36″ Round Top
#PLT42R 42″ Round Top
#PLT48R 48″ Round Top

Bases Available In:
Black color:
#PLTXBM24 29″h x 24″w Base Spread
#PLTXBM33 29″h x 33″w Base Spread
#PLTXBM3341 41″h x 33″w Base Spread
Brushed Nickel:
#PLTRB23BRU 29″h x 23″diameter Base
#PLTRB2341BRU 41″h x 23″diameter Base

• 3mil PVC Tough Edge on top edge
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