Looking for an Office Furniture Supplier in the Bothell Area? Everett Office Furniture Has You Covered! 

Everett Office Furniture Store provides services to many surrounding areas. With specialties ranging from product customization, to commercial furniture installation, we are strategically positioned as the go-to Bothell furniture supplier. Our massive inventory of office furniture offers a diverse selection that caters to every style and need. Our team of professionals is available to provide layout and design solutions, project management, furniture installation, and more. This suite of services allows your every office furniture need to be met under one roof! 

Diverse and Stylish Office Furniture Solutions for Bothell and Beyond

We take pride in our extensive product range. From ergonomic chairs to collaborative workstations and storage solutions, we have it all. Our commitment to not just providing functionality, but also style and sophistication, sets us apart as an office furniture supplier. Our diverse array of stylish and contemporary products blends aesthetics with practicality, ensuring your commercial furniture not only meets professional business standards, but is also tailored to your unique style. Many of our products come from popular brands such as Performance Furnishings, Element, The HON Company, Lesro, Lorell, and more. 

For more affordable options, we carry a line of used office furniture. Each pre-owned product maintains quality and durability that will allow for many more uses. Our online inventory is updated weekly. We offer exclusive in-store red dot specials for used furniture. 


Committed to Exceptional Service in Bothell

Our close proximity to the Bothell area allows for easy access to our products and services. Being just a short drive away, we provide cost-effective and timely solutions to meet your office furniture needs. Our team of experts will work closely with you to determine a cohesive floor plan and office layout that best utilizes your space while serving as a comfortable yet professional working environment. Our dependable project managers will ensure your project fits your budget and scheduling needs. They will walk you through all steps of the process, from planning to installation. Our commercial furniture installation service creates a smooth transition, whether you are moving offices or simply renovating your current space.  

Everett Office Furniture stands out as the go-to furniture supplier for businesses in the Bothell area. Our commitment to style, functionality, and comfort allow us to turn your office space into a highly functional, comfortable, and contemporary oasis. 

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